Robe Harbour View Motel

Robe Interactive Art Map

Robe Interactive Art Map

The origins of the Art Map lies in a long, long, story of an artist living a carnival life while travelling the outback roads of Australia. The activities were varied and while his art was presented in varying forms, creating the colourful backdrops and displays for the various attractions and rides we’ve all experienced as kids, became his forte.

With a classic ‘Australiana’ characteristic to his art, Neil’s domain became the creation of large and colourful stories that celebrate the joy and adventure in various aspects of life and nature.

During their travels, Neil and partner settled in a beautiful coastal town of Robe, in South Australia. Here they started what has become an iconic stop for many regular visitors to the town, with an ice cream shop that is an extension of the colourful life and travels they both have lived. Neil’s art lines the walls and is spread throughout the shop providing an atmosphere that visitors get comfortably lost in while enjoying house made ice cream with family and friends.

Hanging from the ceiling, gathering ‘oohs and ahhs’ as people wander through to the courtyard garden, is Neil’s original Art Map of Robe measuring 4m high x 3m wide.

With his time in Robe, Neil became increasingly more involved in the tourism of the town as well as the many wonders of the whole Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Starting with a vision of Robe and the presentation of the Art Map both on this website and in print form, his vision is to create the same style Art Maps for the surrounding regions and for any other town or region that may enjoy promotion through art and story telling.